IP Due Diligence

Intellectual property (IP) owned by a business can be a very important asset, which may allow the business to establish itself, or maintain its position, in the marketplace. IP can therefore have a direct effect on the value of a business.

IP due diligence is the review and assessment of the IP held by a business.  The purpose of IP due diligence may be, for example, to evaluate the strength of the IP rights held by the business before purchase or investment therein.

IP due diligence assessments typically involve:

  • Identification of the various forms of IP
  • Investigating the territorial coverage of the IP and the status therein
  • Investigating the ownership (“chain of title”) and licence agreements
  • Assessing the scope and the validity of the IP
  • Assessing the infringement risks posed to third parties
  • Preparing strategies for post-due diligence activities

Lawrie IP has extensive experience in advising businesses on all aspects of IP due diligence including providing advice on ownership, advising on IP clauses in agreements, preparing investor and vendor IP reports and advising on preparation for investment or sale.

Contact us if you have a question, or if you would like to find out more about IP due diligence.

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